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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD

Well I'll tell you want I want what I really really want...

UK FANS: Click here to order the Spice Girls Greatest Hits Special Box Set
or if you're on a budget you can get just the Spice Girls Greatest Hits CD.

USA FANS: Get the Spice Girl's Greatest Hits CD here

OK so let's play a game. Try and guess which tracks will be on it and in what order!
If you can't manage that just guess which track will be first.

Watch Spice Girls DVDs for FREE

If you are in the UK here's a great chance to watch some of the classic Spice Girls moments at no charge. Check out Spice World, Music DVDs and interviews etc. The DVDs are supplied by LoveFilm (probably one of the best suppliers) they post them out to you so there's no hassle.
Here's how to see them totally free:Simply click here to sign up to Lovefilm's free trial
You'll get 30 days to rent as many of the Spice Girls DVDs as you can (of course you can rent the latest movies too). Then you can cancel your free trial and you don't owe a penny.

That said we use Lovefilm all the time and highly recommend them but after the free trial it costs from £3.99 a month (erm I think blockbuster charges about the same for one rental so that's great value).
Hope that's helpful.

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