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Monday, 1 October 2007

Spice Girls Reunion Tickets sell in out in 38 seconds!


Fans snap up Spice Girls tickets
London's Spice Girls reunion concert has sold out in 38 seconds after fans were notified tickets had gone on sale, the show's promoters have claimed. More than one million people in the UK registered for the concert, which takes place on 15 December at the O2 arena.

More than one million people in the UK registered for the concert, which takes place on 15 December at the O2 arena.
"It was a dramatic moment - the sales went live and there was a huge surge as fans bombarded the lines," said Ticketmaster's boss Chris Edmonds.
Two dates - 16 and 18 December - have been added to the tour.
A fourth London concert, on 2 January 2008, is also listed on Ticketmaster's website.
Tickets for the additional dates are currently being sold to fans, who were alerted to the sales by text and e-mail.
And tickets for the 15 December gig are already appearing on eBay - one for nearly £900.
The band's world tour kicks off in Canada on 2 December, and will visit San Jose, Shanghai and Cape Town.

The full line-up has not performed on stage since Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell quit in May 1998.
The reunion concerts have been put together by Simon Fuller, whose 19 company masterminded the group's global success more than a decade ago.
Under his guidance, the five-piece notched up a string of hits - including Wannabe and 2 Become 1 - while also capitalising on their fame with a stream of sponsorship deals.
Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Adams and Geri Halliwell quickly became household names - although they were better known as Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger.
They sold more than 55 million records around the world, and even starred in a film, Spice World.
Halliwell quit in 1998 citing "differences", leaving the band to complete a sold-out world tour as a foursome.
Since 2001 each member has since pursued solo careers with varying degrees of success, while Posh Spice has become better known as fashion icon Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls Tour Dates:
Vancouver - 2 December
San Jose - 4 December
Los Angeles - 7 December
Las Vegas - 8 December
New York - 11 December
London - 15 December
London - 16 December
London - 18 December
Cologne - 20 December
Madrid - 23 December
London - 2 January
Shanghai - 8 January
Beijing - 10 January
Hong Kong - 12 January
Sydney - 17 January
Cape Town - 20 January
Buenos Aires - 24 January


Anonymous said...

HEY please hepl us !!!!!


12 October 2007 07:13

BrOoKe said...

Growing up I was probably one of the biggest Spice Girl fans ever. I was so excited to find out Mel B was on Dancing with the Stars. But my conmment is, why aren't they coming any where on the east side of the U.S. for their reunion tour? I was so excited to see them perform again but then I found out they weren't any where close to me.

12 October 2007 14:16

Anonymous said...


17 October 2007 19:00

Anonymous said...

chavvy no talent slappers.
You are less exciting than bill oddie having a shower, and you look older (and hairier).

26 November 2007 06:47


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