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Friday, 5 October 2007

Sice Girls to release new single

Reformed girl band the Spice Girls are to release their first single in seven years, Geri Halliwell has revealed.
The 35-year-old, who originally left the group in 1998, told GMTV the track was a "big love song" called Headlines.
"It's a Spice Girl classic. We are so proud of it," she said. "We started putting words down before we even had the finalised 'yes' from everyone."
The group are going on a world tour, releasing their album in the UK on 12 November and the single a week later.
'Second chance'
Halliwell said it was hard to "juggle that balance" between work and friendship.
"It's fantastic hanging with girls you really like but there are pressures of work to go with it so it's about finding that balance," she said.
"It's so amazing. It is like waking up and you get a second chance to be something that is so enjoyable," she added.
The group's worldwide comeback tour, which starts in Canada on 2 December, will be the first time Halliwell has performed with the group since she walked out.
Fans will be given a second chance to get their hands on tickets for the London leg on Saturday, when tickets go on sale for two new dates.
The Headlines single will also be the official song for this year's BBC Children in Need charity fundraising appeal.


Anonymous said...

omg a new single! wow that is soooooooo cooolio i wanna get it lyk so bad!1!!!!111!!1! i hav all der other stuffs and i even haf a spice girl shrine in my bahroom dat i made with my mum, it toook tweny days to mak ad it kild my hampste bt i dont mind becuse i love you so much you are like my best frineds! can you lyk sign all my spice girls stufs???? OMG YAYAYAYAYAYAY IM YUR BIGEST FAN LYK EVER I LUFF YOU GYUS KISS KISS LOVE LOVE :)

12 October 2007 02:29


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