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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Spice Girls to play Manchester

As many of you will know we've been running a campaign to get some regional UK gigs. The press have got behind us too and great news.....

The Spice Girls are to add two more concerts to their sold-out UK tour. They will play in at MANCHESTER MEN ARENA on Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 January 2008. Tickets for the two Manchester dates go on sale on Friday 26 October see http://www.spicegirls.co.uk/spice_girls_tickets.htm


see our Manchester page here:http://www.spicegirls.co.uk/manchester.htm

and read the article that was featured in the Manchester Evening News helping to highlight the cause:

We Wannabe at a Spice Girl gig
By Chris Osuh 13/10/2007
FANS are urging the Spice Girls to perform in Manchester after the city missed out again on their sell-out comeback tour.Extra gigs were added to the group's Christmas tour this week, which includes 18 London dates as well as shows in Europe, the US and Asia.But Manchester was again left out meaning that many fans from the north west will not get the chance to see their idols.Now, the world's most popular Spice Girls fansite, www.spicegirls.co.uk , has launched an online petition to bring the Spice Girls to the city.

Gordon Thorn, 35, who runs the the website, said: "The group has thousands of fans in Manchester and for many fans in the north, London is too far. "I really think it makes a lot of sense for Spice Girls to add a Manchester date and it would be great if the girls and the promoters would consider it - it's really important to the fans.".

Gordon, a father-of-two, started the website seven years to enshrine the band's legacy at a time when their popularity was waning.The band who shot to fame with the hit Wannabe in 1997, decided to reform after seven years apart.He said: "They have a got unique sound and style that gives them a real feelgood factor. "I'm really supportive of any efforts to bring the group to Manchester, because the new dates are going to be great shows, and the more fans they can reach the better."On the website, which the Spice Girls have visited, fans are urged to `shout out and tell your favourite band how much you want them to come'.Site members were signing the petition within minutes of it being set up. A fan, signing on as Emma 0186 said: "I'd love for them to do a Manchester date, seeing them in Manchester would be ace.'Site member 'emmalover' said: "You should come for all the fans who aren't able to come to shows in London or any other show."The M.E.N. has learned that when the Spice Girls were first arranging their tour they wanted to play at the M.E.N. Arena, but couldn't because fellow 90s' giants Take That had booked the slot.But it is now understood that the M.E.N. Arena has made some dates available.A spokesman for the venue said: "We would be delighted to welcome back the Spice Girls. "They have a special place in M.E.N. Arena history, having played eight sell-out shows in 1998 and 1999 to over 130,000 fans."David and Victoria Beckham came to the arena when they were courting, so we are sure it holds a special place in her heart."Spice Girl Mel C gave further hope to fans in a radio interview. She said: "The whole tour isn't finalised yet, we're trying to get some extra dates. "We'd love to do something in the north of England, fingers crossed that is going to happen.


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