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Sunday, 10 June 2007

are the spice girls really getting back?

are the Spice Girls coming back or not?
it seems like the girls really are coming back.
Victoria made a little mistake, uncovering a little bit of our questions

the 33 year old Victoria Beckham said that she has been recording songs in an London recording Studio.
she also said that the songs are more mature then they used to, also she hopes that those songs can get them back in the publicity

so...is it really going to happen this time?
i truly hope so :)



Sam Smith said...

If it's true this is unbelievable. Can you imagine the queues for the tickets. Can you imagine how much they will sell for on ebay?

12 June 2007 13:02

jigalo said...

I think a reunion of The Spice Girls is fantastic! It has come just at the right time. This country needs a little sparkle back in their lives. You go girls!!

04 July 2007 06:27


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