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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Mel B names daughter after Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy certainly seems confident that the child's not his... and Mel B seems to be equally confident she is... so much so that she's named the little lady after him: Angel Iris Murphy Brown wow that's quite a mouthful.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm not the child of a celebrity.
Read the full story over at BBC news:

OK so what's the worst name a celebrity has given a child (and if you feel kind what's the best)

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Anonymous said...

I think Apple is a really nice name. Just can't remember who's kid that is!

06 June 2007 11:22

Anonymous said...

apple has gotta to be the worst name ever and summer is a really nice name to have

25 June 2007 11:13

Anonymous said...

how come they are not going to do any CONCERTS in the San Francisco Bay Area? So many people in that area would like to see them

28 June 2007 09:09

Anonymous said...

I wud love to see the girls back... I have always been a FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28 June 2007 18:38

Anonymous said...

i love the spice girls and am determained to get tickets to the london concert BUT THERE SOOOO EXPENSIVE!
and right england has soooooooooooooooooooooooo many fans like more than any one yet there doing 3 concerts in usa and only 1 in the uk :S

29 June 2007 09:24

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy tickets for the London gig? Does anyone know? I relli wana go, I was a huge fan! Thanks xx

02 July 2007 08:20

Anonymous said...

i would love to come to your concert in london! i came with my daughter last time and i was heavily pregnant with twins then! and i would love to bring my daughter back again! she has moved out of home now so would be nice to go out with her again as i miss her so much now!

07 July 2007 13:02


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