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The SpiceGirls.co.uk fan site is one of the most popular Spice Girls sites. We do not represent the Spice Girls but we do represent the fans.

Spice Girls Fan Press Assistance

Helping the press contact true fans worldwide

As one of the largest and longest standing Spice Girls Fan Sites we are regularly called upon to make comments for articles and TV appearances. Whilst most requests come from the UK press we have assisted with many international requests.

We have no official attachment to the Spice Girls or their management. We are an independent fan based group

If you would like to contact us for interview or other purposes please email us (include your name, paper/channel/publisher etc, requirements and timescale). Note we will ignore any emails sent to that address not from the press. Scroll down to see one of our representatives in action.

Recent enquiries from:

Below you can see our very own Spice Master on BBC News the day the reunion tour was announced


Spice Girls Posing