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Spice Girls Star

The fan site is one of the most popular Spice Girls sites. We do not represent the Spice Girls but we do represent the fans.

Spice Girls Fan Site

Fan Interviews - You can help! - April/May 2011

We're looking for UK based fans who can spend time with a TV crew talking about the girls. They'll be here in the first week of May 2011 (but they could meet you for a day or an hour - whatever you can spare).
They want to meet fans in their homes and go to famous locations relating to the Spice Girls. It will be great fun. If you have collectors items or know places they have been / gigged / lived then please contact Sophie Lagache by emailing

Mission Complete- Children in Need - BBC (UK)

Are you courageous enough to allow a celebrity to cut and style your hair, pamper you with a beauty treatment or even give you a full makeover for a special occasion? Once again, a group of inexperienced celebrities will be hoping to cut it in the world of hair and beauty in aid of BBC Children in Need and they're looking for Spice Girl-loving clients to style and preen.

If you would like to be in with a chance of receiving a haircut or treatment from one of our untrained celebrities this autumn, APPLY NOW

Mission Complete - GMTV(UK)

Mel B Superfan needed by Thursday 5th June. Are you a major – and I mean major Mel B fan? Have you followed her career and life from the very beginning when she asked “if you wanna be my lover?” if you are and you live in the U.K. then GMTV would love to speak to you. Please email Lesley Barnor.

Mission Complete- Channel 5 News (UK)

Channel 5 are looking for a UK fan going to the last Toronto show! If you want to make a video diary of yourself (and be on TV) then call Peter Jackson on 020 7800 2714 NOW!

Mission Complete - SPICE GIRLS CBC TV Toronto

Going to the Toronto show? Want to be on TV?

If you want to be on CBC TV then ASAP contact Robert Ballant

Mission Complete - UK EGGHEADS

Are you great at Quizzes? Are you a true fan?

We've been asked by BBC2 to put together a team to take on the EGGHEADS in the general knowledge quiz! If you would like to be part of that team then

Mission Complete - SPICE GIRLS GMTV Entertainment Today

If you are in the UK and are a super mad Spice Girls fan then GMTV want to hear your story.Please contact Steve Dowling on 020 7827 7073

Spice Girls Gallery

We are building up an archive of photos taken by fans at the shows and other locations. You can see the gallery in development here. If you have images please contact us and we will give you instructions on how to send your pics to us.


  • Montreal (Bell Centre, 31 January)
  • Detroit (Palace, 16 February)
  • New York (Madison Square Garden, 18 February
  • Philadelphia (Wachovia Center, 19 February)
  • Washington DC (Verizon Wireless Arena, 21 February)
  • And tickets for this concert will go on sale on 15 December
  • Toronto (Air Canada Centre, 25 February)

Get Tickets Here NOW (on sale 15 December 2007)



Book tickets here.

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